Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The day after VMA Awards

Hans and I

I flew out to Vegas for a shoot on Monday, the day after the VMA Awards. During the flight on my way to Vegas I was reading an article about Hans Klok, a magician with his own show in Vegas and he has Pam Anderson as his assistant. I thought to myself "I really want to go see his show."

So after the shoot, which went really well, I was at the airport waiting to catch my flight back to L.A. and who sits behind me at the gate, Hans Klok! That was pretty weird I thought, considering I was just thinking about going to his show. I saw other celebrities there too, I guess we were all catching a flight back to L.A.
Since the flight was on Southwest Airlines, an airline that doesn't give you assigned seats you just pick your own, I chose and aisle seat. The girl that I worked with that day took the window seat and who sits in between us, Hans Klok! I thought that was pretty funny.

Anyway, he's a really nice guy. He asked me if I was in show business as well, I said yes but a little bit different. LOL He took my business card and said he'd send me an invite to his show. Either way I'm going. I love magic shows and besides that, I really want to go see Pamela Anderson!

Funny Video:


Anonymous said...

You will love the Show Nikki.Hope you had a great time in Vegas,thats why I moved here.


BIGROBB said...

you will love it, i went and enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

OMG are those black tights? lol That video is hilarious.

Anyway can you do a blog about the upcoming AVN awards? My roommate and I are heading out for the first time and need some info on events, hotels, etc...