Friday, September 21, 2007

Feelin' better

It took me 20 minutes by taxi just to be able to find a nail salon here in West Palm Beach. I don't know my way around here, but my toes are done and I feel a lot better today in terms of my cold and my knee than I did yesterday! Ahhhhhh......Just ordered room service. My favorite part about staying at a hotel....staying in bed and getting room service. :)

It looks like T-Storms are coming in. That's one thing you gotta love about Southern California, it never rains. I got into a really bad accident when I was 20. Completely ruined my car (it was pretty much scrapped after that), hurt my self, but not too bad. Anyway, my car tires locked up in the water from all the rain and I crashed into a wall on the side of a highway in Toronto. Ever since then I've been scared to drive in the rain. Even when someone else drives while it's pouring rain, I get anxiety.


Here is a trailer from a new movie that I'm in (Must be over 18 to view):

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BIGROBB said...

I am glad your feeling better!!