Sunday, September 9, 2007

Getting Ready for Bed

I will be on a flight to Vegas in about 8 hours. I have to get up at 4 or 4:15am to get ready, wash my hair, shave, etc. for the shoot. "I gots to look good!" Hahaha

I'm shooting for brazzers and this time instead of shooting in Los Angeles, like I usually do, I'm flying out to Las Vegas to shoot during the day and then I'll fly back home. The flight from Burbank airport is only an hour. Thank god I'm flying out of Burbank, we all know how crazy LAX can get!

Vic, who is a director for that company lives in Vegas and it's easier for them to fly adult film stars there and shoot at his house then fly them back home, instead of renting a location here in L.A.

I got too much rest over the weekend and now I feel too rested to sleep just yet. In any case, I have to make myself fall asleep because I have to get up in just 4 hours. Yay me! lol

Anyway, I've been looking to buy a new laptop...but I'm not sure whether I should buy a PC or a Mac. I'll figure it out. Tobby is already asleep on my bed. He's so cute. I love him! I'll be sure to take a few pictures on set tomorrow and post them on my website and perhaps a few on here. Nighty night! Hugs and kisses to all. xoxo


BIGROBB said...

Sounds fun Nikki, definately get a mac, then if you have to use windows for anything you can run that on the mac to, and also have the apple stuff. Macs are better for graphics!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your shoot. Also get a mac. Kisses

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki, have you ever thought of shooting for Brazzer's jugfuckers?

Anthony said...

Buy a Mac, Nikki!! That way you can use Garageband to make Podcasts!! hehe..