Saturday, November 3, 2007

Keep Voting for My Big Boobs! LOL

Hey everyone!

Keep voting for me in a Booble contest! Thanks! Kisses and Hugs. xoxo

Vote Here!


BIGROBB said...

I voted for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki nice blog
you can visit my blog i just opened it you can take a look

p.s Good Luck at the contest :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, I just reviewed your facebook friends, well it seem like an El-Quaida cell just opened a branch over there.

Arthur said...

Last night was so much fun at Rhino Mistress Nikki.

I think you need a slave.

Your Roadie was a hottie, too. Does she need a slave, too???

I emailed you the polaroid we took on MySpace.

By the way Jenna, the dancer that was in the picture with us, told me that she loved your boobs, too!


Arthur said...

Hey Nikki:

I put our picture on my MySPace page.

I obviously have the best tan, bitches!


P.S. I obviously had to crop the picture.

Anonymous said...

I tried voting for you a hundred times but it will only let you vote once...oh well I tried.

Paulinho said...

Nikki, your the greatest! I've been stressed out lately and came across this blog, and it put a smile to my face... they should seriously consider putting you on the walk of fame one day...

Anonymous said...

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