Monday, February 25, 2008

Back from NY, off to Virginia

I got back last night from New York City. It was a long travel day since I had to fly from La Guardia to Philly, then Philly to Los Angeles. It's good to be home! Even though it's for two days lol
I had so much fun dancing in New York at Scandals. Really nice people working there. And thank you to all that came by to say hello and watch me dance. You guy's rock! I had a really great time over the two days that I was there.
I had to pick up Tobby this morning from his doggy day care. I put him there over the weekend because I couldn't take him with me to New York. Just going to do a bunch of errands today and then try and beat this cold that I brought back.
I'm going out tonight to Koi (my fave sushi place) again to have dinner with a few friends. It will also be my last outing since I'm going into surgery next week and I'm not allowed to have alcohol, fish oils, etc. two weeks prior to surgery.
On Wednesday I'm flying out to Virginia to dance at the Paper Moon. I've never been at that club before so I'm looking forward to dancing for my Virginia fans!
That's all for now. Love you guys. Hugs and kisses! xoxo


BIGROBB said...

have fun in Virginia!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are you having surgery?

dogmatic said...

Tobby must be beside himself when you come back to pick him up. Take care, Nikki. xOOx