Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Awesome Week!

Last week was my Birthday week and even though I had to work every single day including on my B-Day, I had a blast! I got to work and party at the same time in Las Vegas and then in St. Louis. So technically I got to celebrate twice in two different cities.

I'm shooting today for Nikki Benz, Inc. I'm excited! I wanted to post a new candid pic that was taken last week of Keiran Lee, Puma, Gina Lynn and I at Yellowtail restaurant inside the Belagio hotel in Vegas. If you love sushi and you're ever in Vegas, try that place. It's amazing.

This week I'll be feature dancing from Dec. 18 to 20 at Platinum Plus in Lexington, KY :)



Mistral said...

Hi, Nikki
It's nice to ear from you, and that you enjoy your birthday...looking at this photo only reminds me how beautiful you are...if you like sushi I know a nice restaurant in Cascais (Portugal) with an amazing view to the sea...give me a call:):)

AL said...

Hey Chronic
I was so sad when I read on your facebook that you changed your hair. But it looks great in this picture!
I'm going to try to come see you dance in the new year. In Toronto or where ever.

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