Saturday, January 24, 2009

2 New Scenes out!

Hey everyone!

Giving you the heads up on my newest scene on that just came out. Also, this Monday, January 26th you'lll be able to see another hot new scene on

Kisses, Nikki


Eddie said...

I'll be sure to peep both of those scenes. This totally isn't the right channel to do this but every other option has been shut off it seems. You seem to have quite a bit of things on your plate at the moment for your career, and I was wondering if you wanted to maybe announce anything in an interview conducted by me for "Bullshittin' with Sketch." Given your busy life and the hemorrhage that is air travel it could be done over the phone at your convenience. Not only that but like many interviews they're not as candid as you'd like and mine very much are just shooting the shit with an occasional relevant question, just to show the human side of even the most Goddess-like. Plus I'd love to have a conversation with you since you are a total bad-ass. Anyways, feel free to get a hold of me if you're up for it. Hit me up on Twitter, I'm SketchballEd. And if you didn't know, it's me Sketch E Whiteface. See you on the other side, darlin'.


AL said...

Hey Chronic

I luv the bra in the Naughty America scene!
I still can't believe you're boing to Fargo, Norht Dakato!? You are the hardest working girl in the biz!

Mistral said...'s nice to start a week with some good news...and on Monday ehehe, sent you some feedback on the scennes, but you already know my opinion...this Sunday has been dificult,yesterday I went to a friends dinner,a concert (nice sound...) and around some bars...crazy night...but sometimes we are in a need for fun...Today just hanging around relax...and it's raining outside...
Sending a huge KISS to you Nikki, keep in bad you dont have time to speak with me...but I understand work work as you said a workaholic...but if had a time I would have 2x time...

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