Monday, January 26, 2009


Puma came over last night and we talked about our future projects and just all kinds of stuff in general. One of the subjects that came up was how there are really mean people out there posting pure filth and hate on forums about us, and other porn stars. These guys and perhaps girls have nothing better to do than to go on different adult oriented/porn forums and spew hate towards us.

I don't let it bother me, but it got me thinking....are they that depressed and miserable that they can't appreciate the fact that we're putting our selves out there for everyone too see and enjoy. If you don't like what I look like, or what some other adult star looks like, than look away. Move on! Don't be spreading your hate and write really "messed" up things on forums about me. Especially since you don't know me personally.

At the end of the day, I know that I love what I do and I love my fans. I've got some of the greatest and most dedicated fans ever. It's sad really that those negative people have to ruin it for the rest of us. Seriously, you don't like something you see, move on. Why would you sit at your computer and go out of your way to write something mean spirited and hateful? Unless if you hate yourself so much that you have to spread your misery.

Anyway, for my awesome fans...I love you and I appreciate you! I put myself out there on, and of course so you can be a part of my world or just keep in touch. Whether you're a fan of my videos, or my photo shoots or even my myspace page, I really appreciate you guys!


p.s. check out the new box cover with me on it from Digital Playground. I love it!


Matt said...

Well said, Nikki. People like that are often jealous and suck at life. Don't even give shit like that a second thought.

Anonymous said...

Fuck those bitches.
Fuck the haters.
I love you babe.

AL said...

Keep up the great work sweetheart!

Mistral said...

Well Nikki, You got that right, we live in free World (well not always..)each one of us need to live our own lives, we must pursuit hapiness, I'm glad you're feeling happy with your life, and I found it simple beautiful that you share it with the ones that realy admire, respect and love the end your friends (on real our in this virtual reality in wich I am, because you're to far...but I feel you so close..)so forget the others and live your life the best way you can knowing that we will always be here for you...
A huge kiss...
ps:at last but not at least...Love the box are...

Anonymous said...

Forget these people.
We love you.
I love you and I love your work.
You're great.
Kisses from Barcelona.
... come to barcelona one day, please,please,please :D

Rodrigo said...

I'm with you Nikki... those people that say bad stuff about you they don't know what they're saying!!

We... the fans... love you... your videos/photo shoots are always hot... and you're so great to talk with the fans on twitter... posting blogs!!

YOU ROCK NIKKI... I'm curious about this project you're doing wih Puma... and you look very hot in the DP front cover!!

indeepngood said...

Hi NIkki,

Keep on doing what your doing - where I come from pornography is banned outright - so getting our fix of living a lifestyle that we appreciate, enjoying personal freedom to choose to view what we would want, is a lot harder but when we see you and your friends really getting into your thing, believe me it makes my day.

Big love from the Far East!


james said...

i does matter what others say about you

you are a great woman and I love your work baby kisses

Zak said...

Hello Nikki. My company has developed brand new 3D technology you can view on my myspace. ( Just wondering what your thoughts are with your expert opinion

Anonymous said...


luv you Nikki

Jeff J said...

To hell with the haters!
You are awesome..keeps doing what you do, & definitely take that vacation!

Willie said...

Some folks are so sadly small. Glad you have learned to celebrate and appreciate your "self." Agree that some have a hard time just living their own lives because of their own misery -- they judge others to escape their own state of existence.

patrick said...

i couldnt agree more,best thing is to ignore,you're special nikki,stay sweet and say hi to puma and the rest of your colleagues for me,you're all awesome.

SBN1 said...

never you mind, that's just what the internet is all about; random, anonymous hate. the majority of the people posting terrible things wouldn't have the backbone to do so in the real world, without the veil of the world wide web. leave them to wallow in their hate, and take comfort in the fact that those maladjusted haters, though vocal, are well-outnumbered by fans that appreciate you and what you do.

Alexa said...

People who post shit like that are just jealous or have shit lives, so they have to make someone else the target of all that.

I'm glad you have the good sense to ignore it and not let it get to you.

Anonymous said...


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