Thursday, February 5, 2009

Project Update

I've got a lot going on as usual so I wanted to update you on a few upcoming projects. I've got a new scene coming out on February 9th on I filmed that scene believe it or not on my birthday (December 11th). It was my first time ever working on my b-day. I had so much fun that day that I didn't mind it at all. :)

I've got a bunch of new movies out and it's hard to keep track of their release dates but the one I'm talking about is from Digital Playground, and it's called Jack's Big Tit Show 08. I'd post the box cover, but it's topless so I can't do it on here. You can always check out my online store for that!

I just wrapped up a few scenes for Reality Kings, Elegant Angel and Digital Playground. Will be shooting a girl/girl scene this Tuesday for Brazzers, which is a first for them because they never usually shoot girl on girl scenes. Exciting!!!

I've got feature dancing gigs coming up and I have them listed in my online calendar which you can view at I know that I'll be dancing in Florida and then North Dakota. Never been to N. Dakota so it will definitely be an experience. I hope I don't freeze to death LOL ;) I'll also be going to West Virginia in April to feature dance at the Paper Moon.

Signed up on not too long ago. I'm loving that thing! Well, actually I signed up a while ago, but I never started using it until a few weeks back.

This upcoming Saturday I'm shooting with Puma for our SWENZ project. I can't wait. We're such goof balls together, all we do is crack each other up. LOL It will be such a fun shoot!!!

Jeez, quite a few updates huh? ;)

Here is cool graphic made by one of my very cool fans, when I was going through my 5 months brunette stage :)

I miss my brunette hair soooooo much!


durĂ¡nH. said...

well, i think you look gorgeous in brunette.

Brett Garneau said...

Yeah, brunette is a good look. Brings a an added sense of sophistication.

Mistral said...

Uau, quite an update...always on the move, I would love to see you dancing, blonde or brunette You are always sexy and my opinion well i prefer a Brunette women...but the blonde You have a certan charisma...well You look perfect anyway.

AL said...

Go back to the brunette! Every 1 I show this picture to(the one on the right) agrees that you look amazing with darker hair! I'm hoping on making the trek from Toronto to come see you in Fargo. I've been to Fargo many times, It's basically Winnipeg south only alot smaller. But they do have Starbucks.

Nikki Benz said...

OMG, thank goodness for Starbucks in North Dakota! Thanks for letting me know Al. :)

Nikki Benz said...

I love my brunette too you guys, but I feature dance constantly and for that I'm known as a blonde, so it's better to be a blonde (at least for me) when I'm making appearances. For shoots, however, it's good to change things up. That's why if you look at the pictures from even three 3 years ago, my hair color is never the same. I'd get bored if it was! ;)

BIGROBB said...

I love the brunette as well

benjamin said...

miss nikki,

how tall are you? just curious. you look so tiny in your pictures.

you are a very busy girl. very impressive for someone as young as you are. truly. very busy, very driven. think most people in the public eye on the west coast get a bad rap of being spoiled and lazy. you certainly are not either of those things.

you said something about an upcoming vacation soon. hope you get some good R&R. you deserve it.

have a good weekend,

Matty said...

I look forward to all this new content! I am sure you realize that I am a big fan of yours! When is the foot fetish stuff coming around? ;)