Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vote for me on

Please vote for my boobies at

Thank you :)

Kisses, Nikki


Mistral said...

You know I will vote for You anywhere, anyhow, anytime...

Jan said...

Hi sweety
I have vote for you !
Because your the sweetest person that i have ever meet !
Sweet kisses and a wunerfull weekend for you

Jan said...

Many greetings from germany !
We meet us at the Venus last year !

AL said...

They will only let me vote once:(

Anonymous said...

hey nikki,, your boobies are so fucking aswsome....and your wet pussey. its so attractive

henry said...

if i can vote more times i would. hope my 1 vote helps. And yes its avatar2000. From twitter. Lolz

Vanessa said...

Can I ask why you have chosen to do porn?
When did you come up with the idea, and did you feel that it was 'wrong' when you started in the business?

Some questions from a girl ;)