Monday, June 1, 2009


Hello! What's up guys? I've been hella busy with work and personal stuff.

Today I've been running around like crazy trying to get all my errands done before I leave tomorrow morning for Portland, Maine. I'll be feature dancing there from June 3 to 6 at Platinum Plus. Yay!!

A week ago or so I shot with Holly Randall. She's is definitely one of my favorite photographers and it's so much freakin' fun shooting with her. Gotta give her props!! Here is a pic from our photo shoot

I'll be uploading all of the pics that I shot with her to my official website

Next week I'll be signing at Erotica L.A. all three days, staring on June 12 to 14. I'll be splitting my time between Jules Jordan booth and L.A. Direct Models! Can't wait to meet my L.A. fans!!!

I went out this past Saturday with a few friends of mine and I thought I'd share a pic:

We went to "My House" night club and it was really, really fun. :)

I've got to go and finish packing/do laundry for tomorrow's trip. Kisses, Nikki


Eddie said...

If you're here tomorrow after four swing by the Cumberland Farms in Greenland, NH and harass me. I'll buy you gas or sell you my friend Joe who I work with. Look forward to seeing your stuff on Thursday and doing the interview. I'll be pissed if they don't let me in the door because of my camera.

Anonymous said...

looking good girl! =) absolutely stunning!

Mistral said...

Hello!!..;)...dam You're always on the move..I was wondering do you need someone to help You packing ;)
ps:...a trip to Portugal??...please!!

Anonymous said...

love the pics - so HOT!

cheers said...

Hey Nikki,

what's the professional name of your friend jennifer jaen??

she's real hot!!! any movies?

Anonymous said...

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