Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tour Dates | Feature Dancing

My upcoming feature dancing appearances. More dates will be added so make sure to check my online calendar at often!

ATLANTA January 27 to 29
Pink Pony
1837 Corporate Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
phone: 404-634-6396

CLEVELAND February 18
Hustler Club
1101 Center Street
Cleveland, OH
phone: 216-619-1919

TOLEDO February 19
Deja Vu
135 S. Byrne Rd.
Toledo, OH
phone: 419-531-0079

COLUMBUS March 4 and 5
Columbus Gold
5411 Bethel Sawmill Center
Columbus, OH
phone: 614-496-1407

ALLENTOWN, PA March 11 and 12
1231 Airport Rd. #162
Allentown, PA
phone: 610-433-3311

HARRISBURG, PA April 15 and 16
Savannahs on Hanna
1000 Hanna St.
Harrisburg, PA
phone: 717-233-1100

PITTSBURGH, PA July 7 to 9
135 9th St.
Pittsburgh, PA
phone: 412-281-7703

LAKE FOREST PARK, WA August 19 and 20
Deja Vu
14556 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA
phone: 206-362-5851


Ben said...

Atlanta in the house...also my twitter page at

richard_hayter said...

Hi Nikki, do you every do any shows or apperences outside the USA, specifically Europe / UK?

richard_hayter said...
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Ben said...

we had fun last page at

AL said...

Toeldo Yo!

Miguel de Rosario said...

Wishing an international tour!!!!

Will said...

Ever stopped in Myrtle Beach? I know a LOT of people would love to see you here!

Jonathan said...

Harrisburg, PA!!! That's an hour from my house!! Count me in!!

Brian32223 said...

Nikki, please come to Florida.

Ryan said...

Nikki, please come to Florida.