Saturday, November 3, 2007

Keep Voting for My Big Boobs! LOL

Hey everyone!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Party at Area!

One of the hardest things to do in Los Angeles is hale a taxi or call for one becuase it's usually a 30 min wait. The worst night to ever call a taxi has to be Halloween.
Kendall got to my place around 9:30pm, then her and I drove to Puma's place, from there we called a taxi. We were told it's about an hour wait. So we took the matter into our own hands and tried to ask people to give us a lift to Area Night Club, which isn't too far from Puma's place. As stupid as it might sound, we felt safe doing that. There was three of us and we're all pretty tough :) Finally this nice guy offered us a ride.

With all the traffic and the streets being blocked off for parades, what should have been a 10 min ride, took over 30 minutes.
So we finally get to Area and it's packed. People have been waiting for over an hour to get in, etc, etc, etc.
We got our tickets and tell the door guys who we were and after about a 5 minute wait, this really nice guy who works at Area let us in past a huge crowd of poeple waiting to get it.
Finally, the Halloween partying began!!!

We all had a stressful few weeks, so it was time to party and let loose, and that we did. The music was awesome, some Hip Hop and some House. A nice mixture if you ask me. After two glasses of wine and a shot it didn't matter what they played!

We had so much freakin' fun, dancing on the floor and causing havock! lol
Puma was dressed as a devil, Kendall was an army girl and I was an evil nurse. Three blondes, with big boobs and skimpy outfits. Only on Halloween baby! In our case we get to dress up like that at work all the time for photo shoots. LOL Still, it was an awesome time!
After a few hours of dancing the three of us got hungry. Once we exited the club and went outside, of course the streets were jammed up with cars and no taxis to be found. None! So we see this cop car and just for the hell of it we asked the officers if they could drive us to The Standard Hotel so we could grab some food at the restaurant. The officers said no. Of course! But after we told them our names, they changed their minds and drove us! So the three of us got in the back of their police car and the crowd outside of the club started cheering for us!

God bless L.A.P.D. They came to the rescue once again and drove the three hungry adult film stars to eat. (Read my previous blogs to see how they helped us out before).
Breakfast at 4:00am at the Standard Hotel was delicious! xoxo