Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hosting a Party in Las Vegas at Studio 54!!!

Come party with Puma and I on January 11th at Studio 54 located at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas!!! It will be the party of the month!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!

California fans get their holiday gifts early this weekend when 2008 AVN Awards nominee Nikki Benz appears at the City of Industry Spearmint Rhino December 20th through the 22nd. She’ll perform two shows nightly, and also sign autographs, take Polaroids and sell DVDs.

In keeping with the holiday season, she’ll dress down in a skimpy Santa costume and give out lots of prizes and gift bags filled with Nikki goodies. If you’ve been nice, you have nothing to worry about. If you’ve been naughty, Nikki has something very special in store for all of you bad boys and girls.

"I can’t wait to dance once again in the Los Angeles area and meet my local fans," she said during a break in her grueling schedule. "Performing on film and doing photo shoots is great, but nothing is better than getting out to clubs and dancing and meeting everyone in person. I really love that interaction."

It’s been an amazing year for Nikki, starting with nominations in both the adult film and feature dance industries. When she wasn’t shooting films or exposing all at photo shoots or producing content for her website, she was busy dancing at top tier gentlemen’s clubs around the U.S., and hosting high profile events like the Everything To Do with sex Show in her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Speaking of high profile events, Ms. Benz will be hosting a party on Friday, January 11th, at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas during the Adult Entertainment Expo. She’ll also be signing all four days at the Naughty America booth as well as attending the AVN Awards ceremony.

For those of you who can’t make it to Vegas, you can still get all the Nikki you need at her website,, where she’s uploading new content constantly.

"I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year full of health, happiness and lots and lots of sex in 2008."

The Spearmint Rhino is located at 15411 E. Valley Blvd., City of Industry, CA. For more information on show times and directions, call 626-336-6892

Monday, December 17, 2007


I went to get my tattoo removed today. It hurt more to remove it, then to get it done! WTF is that all about?! lol Anyway, today was my first laser tattoo removal session, I've got 9 more to go.

Later on perhaps I'll get another one over that spot. ;) I'm just not sure what to get....

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!!!

Peace out

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tits Ahoy 6

Yet another new movie! I have a really hot boy/girl scene in this one. xoxo

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Party at Area!

One of the hardest things to do in Los Angeles is hale a taxi or call for one becuase it's usually a 30 min wait. The worst night to ever call a taxi has to be Halloween.
Kendall got to my place around 9:30pm, then her and I drove to Puma's place, from there we called a taxi. We were told it's about an hour wait. So we took the matter into our own hands and tried to ask people to give us a lift to Area Night Club, which isn't too far from Puma's place. As stupid as it might sound, we felt safe doing that. There was three of us and we're all pretty tough :) Finally this nice guy offered us a ride.

With all the traffic and the streets being blocked off for parades, what should have been a 10 min ride, took over 30 minutes.
So we finally get to Area and it's packed. People have been waiting for over an hour to get in, etc, etc, etc.
We got our tickets and tell the door guys who we were and after about a 5 minute wait, this really nice guy who works at Area let us in past a huge crowd of poeple waiting to get it.
Finally, the Halloween partying began!!!

We all had a stressful few weeks, so it was time to party and let loose, and that we did. The music was awesome, some Hip Hop and some House. A nice mixture if you ask me. After two glasses of wine and a shot it didn't matter what they played!

We had so much freakin' fun, dancing on the floor and causing havock! lol
Puma was dressed as a devil, Kendall was an army girl and I was an evil nurse. Three blondes, with big boobs and skimpy outfits. Only on Halloween baby! In our case we get to dress up like that at work all the time for photo shoots. LOL Still, it was an awesome time!
After a few hours of dancing the three of us got hungry. Once we exited the club and went outside, of course the streets were jammed up with cars and no taxis to be found. None! So we see this cop car and just for the hell of it we asked the officers if they could drive us to The Standard Hotel so we could grab some food at the restaurant. The officers said no. Of course! But after we told them our names, they changed their minds and drove us! So the three of us got in the back of their police car and the crowd outside of the club started cheering for us!

God bless L.A.P.D. They came to the rescue once again and drove the three hungry adult film stars to eat. (Read my previous blogs to see how they helped us out before).
Breakfast at 4:00am at the Standard Hotel was delicious! xoxo

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Party Like A Porn Star

Chatsworth , California - Nikki Benz hosts the wild event Party Like a Porn Star at Body English Night Club in Mississauga , Ontario , Canada on November 2, 2007.

After her triumphant stint as the headlining act of The Everything To Do With Sex Show in Toronto , Nikki Benz returns to host another party in The Great White North at Body English in Mississauga , just outside of Toronto . Special guest Mary Carey will join Benz onstage for the festivities.

Benz's demand as a hostess for the hottest adult parties keeps rising, due to overwhelming attendance at every party that she plays hostess for. "I'm so excited to be heading back to Toronto to host this party!" said Benz. "My last appearance in Toronto turned out beyond amazing! I can't wait to party it up again."

The blond bombshell recently hit the charts with two of the biggest Fall releases, starring with Jesse Jane and Tommy Gunn in 'Babysitters' from Digital Playground and in 'Girlvana 3' from Zero Tolerance.

Benz is hitting the road feature dancing after the Body English party, "I'm looking forward to hitting the strip clubs once again and feature dancing for my fans in Los Angeles and New Jersey ! I'll be dancing at Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys and also at Stiletto in Carlstadt this November. I'm signing copies of my latest release from Zero Tolerance, 'Tits Ahoy 6', as well as my other latest releases at the shows," Benz says.

Benz will feature at the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino November 8 through November 10, and then heads to New Jersey and a weekend at Stiletto, November 15 to November 17.

Body English Night Club is located at 1325 Eglington Ave. East, Mississauga , Ontario , Canada . For more information on the upcoming Party Like a Porn Star event, please phone 905-624-6080.

Benz's show schedules for her upcoming feature dance appearances at the Van Nuys Rhino are available by visiting For Benz's feature dancing schedules at Stiletto in New Jersey , please call 201-531-0493.

For information on this press release, please contact Black and Blue Media by email to

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tits Ahoy 6 *New Movie*

New movie from Third Degree Films is coming out soon! Featuring me of course. Tits Ahoy 6! One of the hottest scenes/movies I've ever done.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Booble Contest-Vote for Me!

I was asked to pose for a Halloween special. I did, but I just found out that they have already posted the picture and you can click on the link and vote for me! xoxo

Vote Here!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

At the airport, waiting for my flight back to L.A.

Wow! My trip to Toronto was awesome! I have a lot of stories and pictures to share with you!!! The Everything To Do With Sex Show was great. A BIG thank you to the Screaming O, Wicked Wanda's, the show promoters and Michelle from MJM Novelties for bringing me out once again to headline the show. It was an honour!
I'm currently waiting to board my fllight back to Los Angeles. Once I get back home, believe you me I'll upload a lot of the pics and share them with you. Toronto is always a fun time!

Love you guys! And for those of you dealing with wild fires in California, I'm saying a prayer for you. xoxo

p.s. If you go on and search nikki benz you can find a few video clips from my stage shows that I did during the show.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nikki Benz, The Screaming O and Toronto!


(Hollywood, CA) Adult industry superstar Nikki Benz reminds everyone why she
has super diva status by headlining in her fifth Adult show. Benz, now back
for her second year at Toronto's infamous Everything To Do With Sex Show,
October 19-21, 2007, was the performing headliner with The Screaming O at
Adult shows in Miami, Denver, and LA this past year. This year's Toronto
show is no exception, as it promises to be even more raucous than last
year's, and her fans are Screaming with anticipation!

The Blonde Bombshell Benz, a Toronto native and The Screaming O spokesmodel,
will be making yet another explosive appearance in conjunction with The
Screaming O at The Everything To Do With Sex Show (ETDWSS). Benz will host
the weekend of debauchery that includes simulated blowjobs, sexy rodeo rider
contests, and countless giveaways, including a myriad of Screaming O
products. "We are really excited to have Nikki Benz. She is one of the
industry's hottest stars and she's a Toronto native. It's a perfect fit!"
exclaimed ETDWSS show manager Allan Fryman.

The seventh annual Everything To Do With Sex Show will be held from Friday,
October 19th to Sunday, October 21st, at the Automotive Building's
Exhibition Place in Toronto, Canada. The show aims to spearhead a new
openness and appreciation for romance, sensuality, sexuality, and
self-improvement by featuring seminars and exposing exhibitors to a fun,
non-threatening environment. One of the highest-attended consumer shows in
Canada and North America, the ETDWSS attracts thousands of visitors over a
three day period. For more information, visit

The Screaming O spokesmodel Nikki Benz's sexy homecoming to her native
Toronto is exciting, especially when it has everything to do with sex! Not
one fan will be disappointed by the stunning blonde and her sizzling stage
show. "I like to keep people coming back for more" purrs Nikki with a
disarming smile. Nikki's co-host for the event is none other than Tony
Batman( ), who will be MCing the event.

The Screaming O, Adult toy manufacturer, is last month¹s winner of
StorErotica's 2007 "Innovator Of The Year" Award, boasting "Best Ring" in
Women's Health's "First Annual Sex Awards", and reported as the #1 Selling
Product by AVN's Adult Novelty Business magazine. The Screaming O's
namesake product is the hottest sex toy in recent Adult store history and
has been ranked number one on many top Adult toy sites. "The Screaming O
turns my favorite men into my favorite toy!" exclaims Benz, whose appeal
with couples is legendary in the industry. The Screaming O line can be found
through the Nation"s finest distributors, Adult stores, and online at

Nikki will spend her down-time at the show signing autographs and taking
pictures with her fans. She'll be easy to spot; just look for the life-size
banner of the reclining love master wearing a little less than usual. "I
don't want people to miss me!" she giggles. There¹s little chance of that
Nikki. For more information on Nikki Benz go to or her popular myspace hang out

Monday, October 1, 2007

What a Crazy, Fun Night!

Puma and I met two of her friends from Sweden for dinner at Boa last night. We go there pretty much every Sunday if we're in town.
After dinner we headed down to Saddle Ranch because there was a charity event going on. Once we got there, we ran into several adult stars and everyone was just having a good ole' time! There were fire fighters, celebrities, etc. all gathered for charity. Puma and I decided to ride a mechanical bull. All the money collected while we're on it would go to a charity.
It was the most craziest and funnest night I've had in a long time! After the charity event we headed to my friends place to drop off my car because we were going to take a taxi and go to Rainbow. Out of no where a cop pulls up behind me and pulls me over. I had to get out and do a field sobriety test. I passed! I wasn't drunk, the cops were just bored or something. lol Or perhaps we where blasting our music with the windows down way too loud. Anyway, after I got my license back we were all scared shitless and tired that we decided to call it a night.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Take Control Video Sample made by a fan

Good night! I've got to get some rest. Feature dancing again tomorrow night at

September 27-29
1616 East 15th St.
Los Angeles, CA

It was a fun night with CubanCookie!

My girl Yvette was my roadie for tonight at the downtown Rouge. A roadie basically helps you out, such as taking Polaroid pictures, handing your music to the DJ, collecting your clothes and money from the stage, etc, and of course keeping me company. She's so much fun, I love hanging with her! Between my shows, her and I were dancing in my change room to the music from my lap top. Oh yeah, some Fiddy and Kanye boy! Of course I did the whole greet and meet with the fans. You guys are awesome!

My knee is feeling so much better thanks to all the pain killers! Mostly Advil.
Love you! xoxo

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An Interesting Night Indeed!!!

Monday night, Gina Lynn, Travis Knight, Puma Swede, and Lexxi Tyler and I all go out to dinner at Geisha house. We all valet park our cars and go in for dinner. After filming all day, it was a nice way to end the day. So after dinner, Gina and Travis get their car from the valet. Lexxi gets hers and Puma and I are waiting and waiting and waiting for mine.
After 10 to 15 min I started to worry, then I got pissed off and asked where the hell was my car. I could tell the valet guys were nervous, so right away I thought my car got stolen. "Don't worry we're getting your car Miss" they tell me. 20 or so minutes goes by and they say to me that they think my car was towed. "How is that possible?" I asked. Apparently one of the guys parked my car for a few minutes in a no parking zone and it got towed. I was so freakin' mad! So then the owner of the valet company comes by and he tells me that they are currently looking for my car. They had no clue where to start since they did not have numbers for the towing lots nor did they know which company towed my car.
I got really frustrated and pulled over a cop car. I asked the officers how I could find my car. They came out, questioned the valet attendants, and gave us the numbers for the towing companies. We finally called the right towing company and found my car!
Once we figured out which lot it was in, the owner of the valet company drove Puma and I to it. He had to pay out of his own pocket to get my car back since it was on them for getting my car towed. I felt bad, because it wasn't his fault. He was very nice about the whole situation and he apologized to us for the inconvenience. I'll say! It took me 2 and a half hours to get my car back.
The police officers went to the lot as well to make sure that we would be ok or perhaps they knew who we were and wanted a picture for their myspace account lol. So it was an interesting night indeed!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

Gina Lynn, me and Krystal Steal goofing around on set of a new Gina Lynn Productions movie! xoxo

p.s. we had a pillow fight lol :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Damn Early!

It's almost 5:00am and I'm up. I have to shoot today. It's a girl/girl/girl scene! I'll let you know how it turned out later on tonight. Speaking of tonight, going out to Geisha House for some sushi with the girls.
I have to write about my trip to West Palm Beach. Crazy!!! Too tired to get into it now. lol Some crazy ass bitches out there.

Hugs and kisses,

Nikki a.k.a Benz Mafia

Friday, September 21, 2007

Feelin' better

It took me 20 minutes by taxi just to be able to find a nail salon here in West Palm Beach. I don't know my way around here, but my toes are done and I feel a lot better today in terms of my cold and my knee than I did yesterday! Ahhhhhh......Just ordered room service. My favorite part about staying at a hotel....staying in bed and getting room service. :)

It looks like T-Storms are coming in. That's one thing you gotta love about Southern California, it never rains. I got into a really bad accident when I was 20. Completely ruined my car (it was pretty much scrapped after that), hurt my self, but not too bad. Anyway, my car tires locked up in the water from all the rain and I crashed into a wall on the side of a highway in Toronto. Ever since then I've been scared to drive in the rain. Even when someone else drives while it's pouring rain, I get anxiety.


Here is a trailer from a new movie that I'm in (Must be over 18 to view):

Night Scoop

This blog is on West Coast time. In reality it's almost 4am here in West Palm Beach, Florida. I'm still sick, but feeling better due to me stuffing myself with Emergen-C and Tylenol Cold. I swear, if you ever feel a cold coming on or already have one get Emergen-C from you local drug mart. It's a miracle!

My knee if feeling better too, but that might be because I took a lot of Advil to kill the pain. It was a good night tonight at the club. Friday and Saturday night will be a mad house! Thanks to all that came in and wished me well. I feel better already!

Hugs* xoxo

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fighting a Cold

My throat was hurting for the past few days and then last night, bam! The cold just blind sided me. I have the worst head cold ever! Ughhhh......My knee still hurts too. I'm going to an emergency clinic tomorrow to check it out. It might be just really badly bruised and they might have to drain water out of it. I heard that's really painful.

Otherwise, everything is good LOL. I have two shows tonight. One at midnight and the other at 2am. Three shows tomorrow and three on Saturday. I'm so glad I have a late flight on Sunday. I get to sleep in!!! Yay!

Good news for my San Franciso fans, I'm coming in October for the Erotic Exotic Ball!!! I will be there on Oct. 26 &27. Of course prior to that I will be in Toronto for The Everything To Do with Sex Show. I was there last year for it and had a blast!

I've had a pretty chill day today. Can't do much but watch tv and order room service. I'm way sick and I walk with a limp. I'm loading myself on vitamin C and Tylenol I'm hoping I'll feel 50% better by my first dance show tonight.

Hugs xoxo

September 20-22
Spearmint Rhino
West Palm Beach, FL

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feeling like shit

Posting a picture that makes me smile, Andrea and I in Vegas doing "The Shocker".
There is nothing worse than doing a video interview, prettending to be all happy, etc. while feeling like shit. That's what I had to do today. My knee is seriously killing me. I almost want to back out of my feature dancing gig this weekend in Florida, but it's too late. The club already spent money on advertising, promotion, my plane ticket and hotel. As much as I hate doctors, I have to force myself to go to one as soon as I get back. I absolutely have to get it checked out.

On a happy note, I was chosen as Direct Model of the Month, for the month of October. It's a recognition within my agency for all my hard work. lol I really do work hard...sometimes too much. Travelling as much as I do really does take it's toll at times and can be very taxing.

I'm flying out tomorrow, first a pit stop in Dallas and then to West Palm Beach, FL. I'm feature dancing at the Spearmint Rhino there. I am looking forward to seeing all my fans down there. I just hope my knee pulls through.

I just made myself a cup of tea, sitting here in front of my computer, myspacing, doing computer work for my website, surfing the net all at the same time packing for tomorrow's trip. At least I'm sitting here in my robe, and nothing else underneath. lol

Gotta go and finish up packing. xoxo

We Always Play Nice!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Great song by Three Days Grace

They haven't shot an official music video for this song yet, but here is a comp of it.

Scene Scoop

Shot a really great scene today for Gina Lynn Productions with Travis Knight. Next week I'm shooting with Gina and Krystal Steal. Can't wait! I have so many great movies coming out. Babysitters from Digital Playground comes out this month. I've got a scene in it with Jesse Jane and Tommy Gunn. 3some!

Just shot another great scene a few days back for SexPros by Brazzers. So keep an eye out. Of course if you wish to see what movies I'm currently in visit

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Work Never Stops

I arrived today from St. Louis. Tired....Had to do some computer work, check email, blah blah blah.
I'm working on something very exciting! Can't say what it is just yet.

The make up artist will be at my place tomorrow morning at 8:30am. I'm shooting tomorrow. The only thing I'm worried about is my knee. It hurts like a bitch! I guess I banged it up while feature dancing at the Hustler club this weekend.

Man, I swear why do I feel so busy all the time? I'm just glad I took 2 days off this month to go to a spa resort.

I gotta finish up here and get ready for bed. Have to wake up at 5:30am.

You all know what a hip hop junkie I am, but I love Three Days Grace! They're from Toronto also. Gotta support my T-Dot peeps! I leave you here with one of their music videos:

Tired and Cranky....yet happy about this weekend

It's almost 6:00 am St. Louis time. That would be 4am Los Angeles time. I did three shows tonight at the Hustler Club in Washington Park, IL. The house was fucking packed! Very fun and roudy crowd. Just how I like'em! So a thank you for all those that came out!

I am however really tired. My last show was at 3:00am (St. Louis time, which is central time I believe). Then I had to cash out, pack up all of my stuff and go straight from the club to the airport.

I'm cranky because some drunk ass cracker burned me with a cigarette. It's not too bad, I moved away quickly and shoved him away. It does sting a little though. He didn't do it on purpose, but I can't stand drunks, especially when I'm sober!

All in all, it was a very successful weekend and I'm thankful for that. Tobby is here with me. He's tired and cranky too! lol It was his first time visiting a strip club tonight. I can't wait to get home. I love L.A.!!!!! At least where I live. Traffic in L.A., not so much. lol

Once again thank you all for coming out and showing support. It was a great two nights.

Hugs and kisses. I'll try and get some shut eye on the plane, but I doubt it. Tobby always manages to escape and get me in trouble. Just in case you don't know, Tobby is my lil' pomeranian dog.



Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting ready to go feature dance at the Hustler Club

I'm in my hotel room in Fairview Heights or something like that. The Hustler Club is in Washington Park and I flew into St. Louis airport.
I hate being stuck in a hotel room. I get so bored. And I didn't bring any toys with me to help me out. lol ;)

I'm doing three shows tonight and three tomorrow and then I'll fly back home on Sunday. I'm thinking of wearing my gangster/mafia outfit tonight. As well as my black nurse outfit and maybe a school girl uniform. Sounds sexy to me!

Alright, I have to go shower now. Hugs and kisses. xoxo

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pics from Puma's B-Day Dinner

Thanks to Sandee Westgate, who was also at the dinner party, for sending these pics to me. xoxo

I love this video

Good Night!

I went out tonight for Puma's Birthday. Had lot's of fun! Sandee Westgate and Lexxi Tyler were there too. I'll wright more about it tomorrow.
Good Night. xoxo

Here is a video clip from a while ago. I love it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The day after VMA Awards

Hans and I

I flew out to Vegas for a shoot on Monday, the day after the VMA Awards. During the flight on my way to Vegas I was reading an article about Hans Klok, a magician with his own show in Vegas and he has Pam Anderson as his assistant. I thought to myself "I really want to go see his show."

So after the shoot, which went really well, I was at the airport waiting to catch my flight back to L.A. and who sits behind me at the gate, Hans Klok! That was pretty weird I thought, considering I was just thinking about going to his show. I saw other celebrities there too, I guess we were all catching a flight back to L.A.
Since the flight was on Southwest Airlines, an airline that doesn't give you assigned seats you just pick your own, I chose and aisle seat. The girl that I worked with that day took the window seat and who sits in between us, Hans Klok! I thought that was pretty funny.

Anyway, he's a really nice guy. He asked me if I was in show business as well, I said yes but a little bit different. LOL He took my business card and said he'd send me an invite to his show. Either way I'm going. I love magic shows and besides that, I really want to go see Pamela Anderson!

Funny Video:

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Getting Ready for Bed

I will be on a flight to Vegas in about 8 hours. I have to get up at 4 or 4:15am to get ready, wash my hair, shave, etc. for the shoot. "I gots to look good!" Hahaha

I'm shooting for brazzers and this time instead of shooting in Los Angeles, like I usually do, I'm flying out to Las Vegas to shoot during the day and then I'll fly back home. The flight from Burbank airport is only an hour. Thank god I'm flying out of Burbank, we all know how crazy LAX can get!

Vic, who is a director for that company lives in Vegas and it's easier for them to fly adult film stars there and shoot at his house then fly them back home, instead of renting a location here in L.A.

I got too much rest over the weekend and now I feel too rested to sleep just yet. In any case, I have to make myself fall asleep because I have to get up in just 4 hours. Yay me! lol

Anyway, I've been looking to buy a new laptop...but I'm not sure whether I should buy a PC or a Mac. I'll figure it out. Tobby is already asleep on my bed. He's so cute. I love him! I'll be sure to take a few pictures on set tomorrow and post them on my website and perhaps a few on here. Nighty night! Hugs and kisses to all. xoxo

Happy and Relaxed

I'm home! Didn't want to leave the resort, but such is life. I had a great time with Puma at the Four Seasons Resort and Spa in Westlake. Sooooo much fun, and so relaxing!

We got up today and ate breakfast, yummy french toast with berries and whipped cream. Then we packed up and checked out of our room. As we were leaving we realized there was a huge car show right outside of our hotel. OMG I love fast cars! I'm pretty sure I had an orgasm when I saw all the Lamborghinis, Ferraries, Bugatties, Porches and McLarens outside. LOL

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sooooooo Relaxed!

Well, I wasn't supposed to be on the computer but I couldn't help it. I'm in Westlake Village for the weekend. I came here to relax and it worked. I did promise myself not to use a computer or my cell phone for a day and a half, but it's so hard. I seriously can't live without technology! lol

I'm getting restless. I never get to relax this much, and it's so great. At the same time I feel like I should be doing something, like working! I swear I'm a workaholic.

It has been a very relaxing day and really fun too! Today I spent most of the day sitting in our cabana by the pool teasing all the pool boys LOL, went for a swim and got three spa treatments. Puma and I got the best service ever by the pool! The cabana/pool boys knew that we are porn stars so they gave us extra attention. We got free food and drinks! :)

I swear I haven't been this relaxed in a long while! This weekend is just what I needed!!! We're going back home tomorrow and on Monday it's back to shooting for me.

Next weekend I'm feature dancing in Washington Park, IL at the Hustler Club.

Alright, it's time for me to go back up to my room. I'm in the business center using the hotel's computer. Puma is right beside me surfing the net too. We're such Internet addicts. lol

Friday, September 7, 2007

Going to Westlake Village for the weekend!

I've been looking forward to this weekend for a while! No computers, no cells phones, just relaxing for a day and a half. My phone usually rings non-stop (both of them! lol) so it will be nice to have some quiet around me.

I'm going with Puma, we both need a drama free, relaxing weekend. Then again, there's never a dull moment when Puma comes a long! lol I'm sure we'll find a way to get into trouble. Just kidding, but we are going to take a lot of pictures.

Her and I also scheduled some spa treatments like a Swedish massage. I can't wait! My back is sore from shooting and dancing, so this is just what I need. There is also a huge outdoors pool at this spa, maybe I'll go for a swim or two. Besides sex, it's the best type of exercise, so I've heard anyway. :)

My pomeranian Tobby is going too! Yay! I'm glad they allow pets (under 15lbs I was told). Good thing Tobby is only 7lbs.

Alright, I have to go and get a car wash. After my Vegas trip my car got dirrrrrty!

Kisses. xoxo

Thursday, September 6, 2007


If you find yourself at your local California or Arizona strip club or video store, pick up a copy of Stiletto magazine and read my exclusive interview!

The past few days

Wow! My first blog post on! I just registered today and thought I'd write something in here. I had a very early start today, as a matter of fact I've been getting up pretty early almost everyday for the last while. Yesterday I got up at 5:00am because I had to get ready for a shoot.

I had a dentist appointment this morning at 9:00am. I hate going to the dentist. He actually found a cavity. Ouch! I'll have to go back soon and fix that up!

Yesterday I did a photo shoot for most of the day, and the day before I shot a b/g scene. So glad it finally cooled down outside, because these past few days have been scorching hot, especially when you're shooting sex scenes! lol

Over the weekend I was in Vegas with my girlfriend from Toronto. I had a lot of fun! Took a lot of pic's too! I'll post them on my website

Well, that's all for now. I'll be writing something on here everyday if I can!

Hugs and kisses to you all! xoxo