Monday, December 22, 2008

Last night at Boa

Wanted to post a couple of candid pics from last night. Keiran, Puma and I went out to Boa on Sunset Blvd to eat. Great restaurant plus our waiter was cute!

Anyway, Puma and I were talking about sloppy blow jobs, doggy style, pile drivers, etc. that the couple sitting directly behind us got offended and so they got up and left.

Keiran had to say sorry to them. LOL It is what it is! Puma and I were just making conversation lol

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Party at Prive

I'm hosting a party with Puma at Prive, the hottest club in Las Vegas!!! Check it out. It's our second annual post AVN awards party and it's a must! It will be the craziest party that weekend guaranteed!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Awesome Week!

Last week was my Birthday week and even though I had to work every single day including on my B-Day, I had a blast! I got to work and party at the same time in Las Vegas and then in St. Louis. So technically I got to celebrate twice in two different cities.

I'm shooting today for Nikki Benz, Inc. I'm excited! I wanted to post a new candid pic that was taken last week of Keiran Lee, Puma, Gina Lynn and I at Yellowtail restaurant inside the Belagio hotel in Vegas. If you love sushi and you're ever in Vegas, try that place. It's amazing.

This week I'll be feature dancing from Dec. 18 to 20 at Platinum Plus in Lexington, KY :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Quick Update

Toronto was soooooo much fun!!! Every time I go there I have a blast. I love that city! Here is a pic of my girlies and I at Spice Route having light dinner before we head out to Century Room to party it up!

Now I'm back in L.A. for a few days and then the madness starts. LOL I'll be in Vegas for four days filming, starting Monday. Then I'm flying out to St. Louis on December 12 and driving into Illinois for a store signing at Romantix which will take place on December 13th.

Here is the address and signing times:

December 13
1401 Mississippi Ave.
Sauget, Illinois 62201

Signing times: 3-5:00 PM and then from 7-10:00 PM The store is about 10 minutes from St. Louis . :)

After that, I'm back home for a day, then I shoot again on the 16th. Leaving on the 17th to fly to Lexington, Kentucky. I'll be feature dancing there from December 18 to 20 at Platinum Plus. I hope my local fans will come down and party it up with me!

After that I'll be home on the 21st, shoot on the 23rd and I'm done for the year! Then it's time to go shopping and prep for my AVN trip to Vegas.

I'm signing from January 7 to 10 for Brazzers!! I will also be hosting my second annual party with Puma at Prive located inside Planet Hollywood! I am looking forward to that!!!!
Last year our party at MGM Grand was crazy and this time at Prive it will be even more over the top. Oh yeah!!!



p.s. My Birthday is on December 11th too! Yay!