Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting ready to go feature dance at the Hustler Club

I'm in my hotel room in Fairview Heights or something like that. The Hustler Club is in Washington Park and I flew into St. Louis airport.
I hate being stuck in a hotel room. I get so bored. And I didn't bring any toys with me to help me out. lol ;)

I'm doing three shows tonight and three tomorrow and then I'll fly back home on Sunday. I'm thinking of wearing my gangster/mafia outfit tonight. As well as my black nurse outfit and maybe a school girl uniform. Sounds sexy to me!

Alright, I have to go shower now. Hugs and kisses. xoxo


BIGROBB said...

Definately wear the gangsta outfit.

Chris Scheer said...

Too much to do here in the Loo! Don't waste your time in the hotel room. See the Arch, eat toasted ravioli and have someone get you some Ted Drewes!