Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An Interesting Night Indeed!!!

Monday night, Gina Lynn, Travis Knight, Puma Swede, and Lexxi Tyler and I all go out to dinner at Geisha house. We all valet park our cars and go in for dinner. After filming all day, it was a nice way to end the day. So after dinner, Gina and Travis get their car from the valet. Lexxi gets hers and Puma and I are waiting and waiting and waiting for mine.
After 10 to 15 min I started to worry, then I got pissed off and asked where the hell was my car. I could tell the valet guys were nervous, so right away I thought my car got stolen. "Don't worry we're getting your car Miss" they tell me. 20 or so minutes goes by and they say to me that they think my car was towed. "How is that possible?" I asked. Apparently one of the guys parked my car for a few minutes in a no parking zone and it got towed. I was so freakin' mad! So then the owner of the valet company comes by and he tells me that they are currently looking for my car. They had no clue where to start since they did not have numbers for the towing lots nor did they know which company towed my car.
I got really frustrated and pulled over a cop car. I asked the officers how I could find my car. They came out, questioned the valet attendants, and gave us the numbers for the towing companies. We finally called the right towing company and found my car!
Once we figured out which lot it was in, the owner of the valet company drove Puma and I to it. He had to pay out of his own pocket to get my car back since it was on them for getting my car towed. I felt bad, because it wasn't his fault. He was very nice about the whole situation and he apologized to us for the inconvenience. I'll say! It took me 2 and a half hours to get my car back.
The police officers went to the lot as well to make sure that we would be ok or perhaps they knew who we were and wanted a picture for their myspace account lol. So it was an interesting night indeed!


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sylvain said...

usa cop were lucky guys last nigth...

have a nice day baby.

Sylvain from France.

Anonymous said...

fuck that shit, I'll be piss off to, if they towed my fucking car, because of the valet people fault, ah dont feel bad for them paying for for your car back from the storage shit, valet co. should pay you for loss time for you waiting for your fucking car, lol, xoxxoxoo

Anonymous said...

Awewwww babe that sucks about your car. I'm glad you found it. Lots of kisses.

Willie said...

I told you to come over after your dinner. LOL! You and Puma could have hung at my place while those twatish guys found your car. I'm hoping to see Lexxi and her little friend Kendall tonight so I'll say "hello."

BIGROBB said...

That sucks but I am glad you got your car back!!

Anonymous said...

hey nikki did you had to suck them to had them help you i know if it was some guy or not famous or showing tits they would keep on walking

ps thx for the hand sign want gang is that from

Anthony V said...

I'd say so Nikki. That sucks, but I'm glad to hear that shit doesn't just happen to me and my boys. And don't feel sorry for the owner, I'm sure he was THRILLED to give you girls a ride and spend some time kissing up to you; I know I wouldn't mind. And yeah, it probably was just some kids fault at the valet.
BTW, you all looked amazing as usual. And damn, is Puma really that tall? Not that I would mind climbing her legs :)

dogmatic said...

LMAO @ the Shocker with the pics, you're yummy. !!_! I hope your knee is OK. XXXX to make it better. -Dog

Anonymous said...

I think you need your own reality tv show.


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