Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fighting a Cold

My throat was hurting for the past few days and then last night, bam! The cold just blind sided me. I have the worst head cold ever! Ughhhh......My knee still hurts too. I'm going to an emergency clinic tomorrow to check it out. It might be just really badly bruised and they might have to drain water out of it. I heard that's really painful.

Otherwise, everything is good LOL. I have two shows tonight. One at midnight and the other at 2am. Three shows tomorrow and three on Saturday. I'm so glad I have a late flight on Sunday. I get to sleep in!!! Yay!

Good news for my San Franciso fans, I'm coming in October for the Erotic Exotic Ball!!! I will be there on Oct. 26 &27. Of course prior to that I will be in Toronto for The Everything To Do with Sex Show. I was there last year for it and had a blast!

I've had a pretty chill day today. Can't do much but watch tv and order room service. I'm way sick and I walk with a limp. I'm loading myself on vitamin C and Tylenol I'm hoping I'll feel 50% better by my first dance show tonight.

Hugs xoxo

September 20-22
Spearmint Rhino
West Palm Beach, FL



Ah bless you....hope you feel better in time! i had the same crappy cold but i've finally got rid of it now! kisses ;p xxx

BIGROBB said...

I hope the knee isnt serious, I hope the cold goes away soon. I hope all the shows go well!!!

jay_cruz said...

I just had the massive head congestion as well...I couldn't breathe and my voice was thrashed...

Have you been drinking your herbal tea ???

The knee sounds pretty serious tho...You need a massage therapist in your entourage !!!

Enjoy Florida as much as you can :)



Adam said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

Anthony V said...

Get well soon Nikki. You're a trooper for staying with the shows. Knees are serious business, so I hope you don't do too many crazy twists & turns during your performance. With that face I think you can do whatever you want and still bring down the house!

sylvain said...

hope you will be better soon !!

take care of you.xoxo.

Sylvain from france, who would be happy to work in room service somewhere in florida for the first time of his life.

Anonymous said...

Kisses to make you feel better. Mwaaaahhhhhh