Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting over bronchitis, moved the surgery

So I was supposed to have my surgery on the 6th, but due to my bronchitis they had to move the surgery to this upcoming week. I guess they want a healthy patient.
Since I had the whole week off from work I ended up going out almost every night, which I know I shouldn't have done because of my bronchitis, but I feel much better and I got to have a ton of fun with friends. A few of my friends came in from San Diego and Las Vegas, so I ended up going out with them. Dined out a lot too! I love going out to a nice restaurant with friends. Always a fun time. We usually end up being the loudest ones, but the waiters love us. We're a form of entertainment for them LOL!
Today I'm apartment/condo hunting. I love the condo that I live in now, but I feel like it's time for an upgrade! A lot of phat places here in my area, so I decided to look at a few.

Tomorrow I have to do so much computer work. That's right, my work never stops. If I'm not shooting a movie or a magazine layout I'm at home in front of my computer. Then I'm shooting for Penthouse the day before my surgery and then I'm finally getting it done. Don't worry, it's nothing serious. I don't want to hint at what it is, but once I'm healed up you guys will be able to see it.

Well, off I go to look at places. Hugs, licks and kisses.


BIGROBB said...

Cool Nikki, good luck on condo surching!! I hope the surgery goes well!!

Anthony V said...

Have fun girl! Hope you're feeling better. I don't have bronchitis, but feel like shiznit up here in Chicago too.
Good luck, and I hope it's nothing with that perfect face of yours :)

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