Friday, March 18, 2011

Improv was so much fun!

On St. Patrick's Day I was part of The Naughty Show at the Hollywood Improv. I got up on stage and told three jokes. I was so relieved when everyone laughed at my jokes. I was hoping my timing and joke telling was good and it was! I made the entire room laugh and stomp their feet. THANK YOU GUYS!
I'd also like to thank Sam Tripoli for letting me tell jokes, and of course the rest of the crew who were a part of the very funny Naughty Show.
I had an amazing time. I'm the type of girl with a weakness for good sense of humor. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh even more. I can now add "stand up comic" to my resume on top of my 2011 Penthouse Pet of The Year title! ;)

Thank you everyone for coming out and making St. Patty's Day that much more fuuuuuuuun!

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