Thursday, June 2, 2011

Appearances & More!

Hey guys!

Pic from my Nashville trip this past weekend!

As usual, I'm busy, busy, busy!! All good stuff. I'll even be making an appearance in Cologne, Germany come August. Of course I'll post more details as they come to me. Yay! I'll get to see my European fans again!! Love you guys!

Here are my U.S. appearances in the next few months.

BRIDGEPORT, CT June 3 and 4
Mystique Gentlemen's Club
2458 Main St
Bridgeport, CT
phone: 203-612-8026

SAN FRANCISCO, CA June 16 to 18
Crazy Horse
980 Market St.
San Fran, CA
phone: 415-771-5580

PITTSBURGH, PA July 7 to 9
135 9th St.
Pittsburgh, PA
phone: 412-281-7703

I'm also taking scuba lessons soon for my Costa Rica trip with Penthouse. Guess we'll be filming some sexy under water stuff for YOU!

Speaking of PENTHOUSE, my cover and interview in The Girls of Penthouse is coming out on June 7th! Here's a face shot

and cover


Anonymous said...

What about doing porn? Are You still in the biz? Why You don't shoot any new scenes?

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful , NIKKI!

Anonymous said...

Face shot is so cute! Want to hug, rub, and kiss. :)

mario said...

You are so cute and classy. Total eye candy Nikki!!!