Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello There!

For those that follow me on Twitter (@nikkibenz) you guys by now probably know how crazy busy I am with travel. I have been on the road almost every week for the past while. I did get a break from traveling when I had to be in Los Angeles for two consecutive weekends in order to complete my scuba diving lessons. Yes, I am now a certified scuba diver.

I was in Costa Rica with Penthouse last month. It was a really fun work trip, but since it was Costa Rica I'd hardly call it work! I even got to use my scuba diving skills. Scuba diving in Costa Rica was a great experience! I did two dives in one day. The first dive was very visually stimulating. I saw sea turtles, sting rays, eel, a lot of different fish and a few other divers (LOL!). On our second dive, we dove at a ship wreck area which was pretty amazing! Again, thank you PENTHOUSE for getting me to scuba dive. It's definitely been one of the best things I've ever done.

Speaking of things I've done, I am now a part of Saints Row: The Third video game. Penthouse and THQ joined forces to promote Saints Row. Since I am the 2011 Pet of The Year and Penthouse contract star I was lucky enough to have been selected to be a part of this game. That's right, I will be in the video game. I am also going to be making an appearance at Games Con in Cologne, Germany on behalf of Penthouse and THQ to promote Saints Row: The Third. I'm excited to meet my fans at this convention! I'll be there from August 16 to 19.

After Germany, I will be in Vegas for the Exotic Dancer Awards. I feature dance every month, so it's very important for me to attend this award show. Best of all I get to present an award with Jesse Jane and host an official ED Awards after party with Lisa Ann. FUN!!!

I get asked this a lot on twitter and via email "Do you have a Facebook account or is it a fake?". I do have a Facebook account, but it's semi-private for my friends and family. I also have an official fan page which is facebook.com/benzmafia. So if you've been chatting with a "Nikki Benz" on facebook it was most likely a fake. Be sure to LIKE my only official Facebook page which is facebook.com/benzmafia

Well, I thought I'd update you on what's going on with me at the moment. There are plenty of other projects, travel plans and appearances being worked on as we speak! Including shooting scenes for Penthouse. I'll be updating you guys very soon.


Mike said...

Woohoo, my favourite adult-movie-actress has a blog! Stay the enchanting and likeable person you are, Nikki!

Your biggest (German) fan from Munich City,

- Mike

21 said...

Nikki Benz the hottest adult actress. Sounds like you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Nikki You are telling lies again about shooting! When You made last b/g? April? Right! And what about anal You promised so many times? First do a scene then promise! Otherwise it seems like stupid promises! You're "Penthouse cheater" Nikki. Bye

Anonymous said...

hy...nice to see you..

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