Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy week as always!

I love staying busy, even though I'm due for a vacation ;) I just came back from Austin, TX where I had a meeting with a company. The meeting went well and at this point I don't know what the outcome of our meeting will be, however I went with Sandee and Puma and the three of us are always trouble! Here is Sandee, Puma and I at LAX on our way to Austin.

Here is another pic of Brooke and I from this week's shoot for Reality Kings

Also, I've got a brand new scene that came out yesterday on Make sure to check it out if you're over 18!!!

New content updated on my official website as well.

Here is another pic of Puma and I abusing "Bob". LOL

Kisses, Nikki


BIGROBB said...

Holy Macrel Nikki your looking hotter than ever!!!

Gekko said...

sizzling scene at King Dong Nikki
Still stroking to it.
I could be your Sugar Daddy
Keep me posted on Mini

Phil said...

Keep up the good work....I love the Swenz

Anonymous said...

Hot pics, Nikki! I can see that "Bob" likes it rough. Don't mess with the SWENZ. LOL

Mistral said...

...another Hot update..Damm Nikki what a scenne!!can't ge enought of You...I can tell You have fun in Texa, The Swenz are Nikki in the second photo You are incredible Beautiful & sexy..uau...Lovin You..

AL said...

Your and Brooke's hair looks amazing! The Kingdong scene is crazy hot! When are you going to do a scene with your uggs!? lol