Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Night

I went out last night with some friends including Puma. We all went to "Flavor of India" in West Hollywood. It's funny because a year ago I wouldn't touch Indian food, but this restaurant is actually really good! Now I can honestly say I enjoy Indian cuisine.

We all really enjoyed our dinner very much. After dinner we headed to The Standard hotel where we had a couple of drinks at the Purple Lounge.

It was a fun night! Then again it's always fun when the SWENZ goes out. ;) Here is a pic of Puma and I at the Purple Lounge, lounging in our swings ;)

Tomorrow I'm feature dancing at the Spearmint Rhino location in Rialto. Can't wait! This past weekend I was feature dancing at the down town L.A. Rhino and it was crazy busy. Thank you all for coming out and supporting. I had a blast!!!


maikeru76 said...


Puma and you are Goddesses!

Mistral said...

It's always nice to be updated on The Swenz move, Love the photos, and Indian food is ok ;)

Arthur said...

Hi Nikki:

Seeing you in Rialto and Puma in LA was so fun on Saturday.

You were so rough with me!

I loved it!


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