Sunday, October 17, 2010

From my FaceBook page

I had a "Nikki Benz" facebook account. Facebook has deleted my account 5 different times already, yet they keep all the fakes on there still. I don't know why they deleted me, but I will tell you that I didn't brake any rules. Maybe I had too many friends on there. I did hear a rumor that they delete you if you accumulate over 5 thousand friends.
I must admit, I was frustrated and annoyed so I was done with FB. However, a lot of my fans are on Facebook so I've decided to create a Nikki Benz facebook page. Hopefully they will let me keep that around. Click on my FaceBook Badge ID to see the page.

This is a little short bio I've copied and pasted on here from my FB page.

Hi guys! I'm Nikki Benz. April 2010 Penthouse Pet, world famous adult film star and feature dancer. I feel very lucky to have such incredibly loyal fans. I've decided to create a FB page where I can interact with you.
I love music, I love to travel, I love to watch movies and most of all I love LIFE.
I like all kinds of music really, but I must confess I am a bit of a hip hop junkie. Anything form Notorious BIG, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye, T.I., Jay-Z...well you get the point. I also like Pop, House and Metal. I think I've got a little crush on Rihanna right now. Love her songs!
I'm into mobster/action flicks too. Scarface, Casino, Goodfellas, Blow, etc. I'm not into sob/love story movies, but one film can make me cry "The Notebook". I've seen it once, fell in love with it, but won't watch it again. It's too sad, but makes you appreciate life.
I'm down to earth, but I also like to glam it up for my photo shoots. After all, I do model for a living and the best part about that is being dolled up.
I have a pomeranian dog named Tobby. He's my little angel and means the world to me!


Mark said...

I never got into Facebook or MySpace. I've heard too many bad things about them. Twitter is a lot easier to deal with especially when your on the road like I am because you can update on your mobile phone.
Always good to chat with you, and I hope you come back to Memphis or Little Rock next year.

Anonymous said...


I saw on your calendar/Twitter that you are attending BlizzCon. Are you attending both days? What are the odds of meeting you?

Bridgette Revell said...

I got my account booted yesterday for the third time. I so sick of the FB police.

So girlfriend we start a new Adult FB, sexy women can say what they what and if a nipple poops out, she was only trying to keep her fans a breasts of things!

Anonymous said...

You Gotta Love Some Nikki Benz! Id love to see her in an interracial set one day.. heck.. its like breathing.. everyones doing it.. Shes 4ever seductively sexy! oww

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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