Friday, February 1, 2008

My Philly Update

All I have to say is that I'm freakin' tired. I got in to Philly yesterday from Los Angeles on a 6:40am flight, so I basically stayed up all night since there was no point of sleeping. I had to pack, do laundry, etc. and be ready to leave my house by 4:00am. Flew in to Philly, slept for 1 and a half hours, had to get up at 1:00am Philly time, get ready by 3:00am and then go over to the Flyers stadium for the Wing Bowl by 5AM.
Yes, this has to be the earliest appearance I've ever had to make during my career! After the Wing Bowl (which I will explain in my next blog...too tired now), Gina Lynn and I had to go over to Delilah's to each perform a stage show. We got out of the club just before 3:00pm, got back to our hotel and now I'm doing this quick update before I take a two hour nap, since I have to go back to Delilah's and do another show.
I'm tired as hell, but I'm having a great time. And it's so great to be doing this with Gina. We're having so much fun together!!! More to come soon, including pictures. xoxo

p.s. the Philly Wing Bowl is broadcasted all over the news and various television programs.
p.p.s. it's so great to meet all of you Philly fans! Hugs and kisses

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BIGROBB said...

wow sounds like fun though.