Saturday, February 9, 2008

Party Mode

Ever since I came back from Philly I've been in a party mode. I had so much fun there! I attended the annual Wing Bowl with Gina Lynn, hung out with the Philadelphia Flyers and Eagles (NFL). Met a bunch of hockey hall of famers! It was great. Gina and I had a blast there.

Now that I'm back in L.A., I've been hosting parties and going out and having too much fun! So last night I decided to stay in and relax........just do nothing all night, but relax. It's just what I needed after a few crazy parties Puma and I attended, including the Xbiz awards at which I was a presenter. I brought Puma on stage with me to present just for the hell of it. After we presented the award I decided to flash my boobs at everyone, Puma and Giana Lynn did the same. LOL I'm such a trouble maker! It was a fun, fun night. I ran into a lot of people from the industry, both adult and mainstream.

Speaking of parties, I'm hosting another one. This time it's a private party at the Mansion in the Hills. Naughty Valentine party with ME as your host!

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BIGROBB said...

I wish I could be there!! Have fun hosting it!!