Monday, December 6, 2010

December is finally here!

I love December! It might just be my favorite month. Christmas, New Year's Eve and every one seems to be in a good mood this time a year. Great month to realize what we are thankful for. Holiday joy for all!

It also happens to be my Birthday month (December 11). I also have a lot of BIG news for you guys! Stay tuned and you'll know soon enough!




Porn or Art said...

Congrats on being Penthouse Pet of the Year!

What a nice birthday present for you and x-mas present for the rest of us to see the feature :)

Mark said...

On the 11th Day of Nikki, Nikki gave to me: 11 Cubed appearances, 10 treats for Tobby, 9 Nothing to Play With t-shirts, 8 arousing lapdances, 7 sexy spreads in Penthouse, 6 Swenz swinging, 5 big, black bats - thanks Ryan McClane, 4lbs of Puma's Swedish chocolate, 3 AVN nominations, 2 gianormous boobies, & the 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Yr under the tree!