Sunday, December 19, 2010

My trip to NYC with Penthouse

At my Birthday Party at Sky Room in Manhattan

My Birthday cake. It was yummy!

My trip to New York City with Penthouse was amazing! I was there for two days, and they were definitely a very productive two days. I was on my media/promotional tour to promote the 2011 January issue of Penthouse Magazine and my new title as the 2011 Penthouse Pet of The Year!

I had the chance to do a lot of different radio shows including The Opie and Anthony Show, shoot for Steppin' Out Magazine, host two parties including my Birthday party where I got to meet and greet my amazing fans, sign copies of the new Penthouse magazine and hang out with my friends.

Lainie, who is an amazing person and a publicist for Penthouse took good care of me. I had a lot of fun with her in NYC! Can't wait to see her again in Las Vegas for CES. I'll be there from January 6 to 9 with Penthouse promoting a video game! Make sure to come by CES!



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311toIncubus said...

I'm glad you had fun out there! I got to catch you on your first radio appearance, it was funny with it being a Spanish radio show, but you did great! Congrats with all your success :)
Andy aka @311toIncubs