Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good stuff brewing

So as you can see by my earlier blog, I started out today having one of the most depressing days of this month. LOL Anyway, I'm better now and I have a meeting with Puma regarding the Swenz. We've got some great new stuff brewing for you. I can't wait to start working on our new projects!

Since I feel better now, I'm ready to go out with my friends tonight to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Boa, and forget about all the crappy things that have been happening lately.

Many hugs and kisses!

p.s. My shoot for tomorrow got re-scheduled (thank god) so I'll have a day to myself. Looking forward to it. xoxo


Mistral said...'s nice to see you're back...looking forward to hear the news from The Swenz...ride the winds of change..

AL said...

Glad to see everthing is aces. Fargo, North Dakota?! Really!? Alright. I'll be patiently waiting For Toronto or near it.